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Advertise With Us

InvestmentPitch was formally incorporated as IPE InvestmentPitch Enterprises Ltd. in October 2007.

We have created a unique method of placing an advertisement within the video itself. The ad will be displayed every time the video news alert is played, and will either stay on the screen the full time the video is playing, or rotate with other ads or content. We are very selective with this secondary content, so as not to offend our clients. For an additional fee, our clients have the option to have this secondary screen removed.

We initially plan to charge advertisers only $500 for a placement within our video news alerts. When you consider that the video could be viewed 100's of 1,000's of times during its lifetime, counting all the different places it is hosted on the Internet, this amounts to less than pennies per view over the life of the video.

With other video sites, there is a growing tendency to monetize video content by playing a pre-roll ad at the beginning. Although these pre-rolls may be placed at the beginning of our videos on many of the other sites which display our content, we have no intention of utilizing pre-rolls on our site.

As our site attracts investors as viewers (a highly coveted market segment for potential advertisers), we should attract an appropriately higher level of advertiser, such as travel, automobile, and financial services.

In March 2012, comScore reported results from a study that showed that 31% of online display ads are never seen, and 72% of campaigns had at least some ads running next to objectionable content. comScore found that some ads delivered "above the fold" were often not seen because users quickly scrolled past them before the ad had a chance to load.