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Products & Services

Video News Releases

While our anchor discusses the news release or research report in front of the camera in our downtown studio, supplementary content such as pictures, charts, tables, and maps, are simultaneously displayed for visual effect. If an error occurs, we simply re-film the content as it is usually less than 4 minutes in duration. This eliminates costly time consuming editing, resulting in a finished video within hours of receiving the information.

The distribution network of our video news release is arguably the best in the financial community. We are an official content provider to media giant Thomson Reuters, which allows us to circulate our videos to the Reuters Insider Network, and their coveted subscriber base of over 600,000 financial professionals.

As an added service, we release a traditional text based release through the Reuters’ global press release network in addition to the video release. This service comes at a fixed low price package of less than $1,500. InvestmentPitch videos are also displayed on a number of video sharing sites worldwide.

Our newly launched website, which utilizes adaptive bitrate technology, guarantees a smooth playback experience, no matter what connection speed, cellular connection, or mobile device a viewer is using.

Video Interviews

We produce interview programs with Ted Ohashi and Jay Taylor, which are designed to include visuals such as maps, pictures, and charts edited into the final video.

Our premium interview product, "Ticker Talk with Ted Ohashi", includes Ted's interview with the public company representative, and an analyst that is in a legal regulatory position to discuss the company's investment merits.

Jay Taylor, editor of J Taylor's Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks newsletter, regularly speaks at a variety of resource conferences. At many of these venues, he sets aside time to film interviews for his "Face the Analyst" video series.

Jay Taylor and Ted Ohashi are both market experts and members of our board of advisors.


Video Presentations

InvestmentPitch attends various investment conferences and films individual corporate presentations. Our product is unique in that we film only the presenter and professionally edit the original digital file of each company's PowerPoint presentation into the finished product, thereby eliminating the need to film the lower quality content shown on the screen.

Many of these conference organizers invite us to their conferences to offer our services to their presenting companies in order to give the presenting companies greater distribution. Our service is particularly valuable at these larger conferences which run more than one presentation stream at the same time.

Financial Advisor Modules

Using InvestmentPitch's state-of-the-art technology, financial professionals can use video to save time and money, as well as act as a lead generation tool. We offer financial advisors and planners various video "modules", where an advisor visits our office and uses our content based on basic financial products such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Alternatively, financial advisors can also produce their own individual messages and send our office a script, filming the video with their own content.


As a highly personalized method of communication, video can be used to deliver your message with clarity as well as convey your philosophies, personality and professionalism. This is imperative when people choose which financial advisor to trust with their investments.

These videos can also be used to ensure clients have a basic understanding of investment products, in addition to saving time otherwise spent repeating the same information to various clients. This equips financial advisors and planners with the tools to ensure a deeper relationship with clients during personal meetings. 

More Products


We are building a library of educational video content which we feel will be of value to the investment community. Using our studio equipment, we have created short videos with our anchors discussing topics such as oil, graphite and gold. We then sell sponsorship for this type of content. In addition to capturing educational content at seminars from lawyers, accountants and other financial experts, we are working closely with various industry experts to create additional educational content. These videos are also placed on our educational channel with Reuters, giving the sponsoring company additional exposure.

Third-Party Content

We also host and distribute 3rd party content. We usually accept most 3rd party produced video content provided it is of high quality. In addition to hosting the video content, our low fee includes distributing the content throughout our complete network, including "Reuters Insider", with notification made through a global news release.