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Financial Advisors love InvestmentPitch

The videos done for us by InvestmentPitch have really helped to streamline our business. Instead of repeating the same thing time and again to different clients or prospects we can direct them to the videos. When the conversation is continued at a later date it is much condensed and they are better equipped to ask deeper quedstions, which results in a much improved relationship
-Sean Millington, Investment Advisor with Rickerby Wealth Group, TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice

Northern Securities
I thought the service was great. I currently spend several hours explaining these products to each client. With this product, I just email a link, and my clients can watch the video at his or her convenience. I'm looking forward to future educational products. As a bonus, by seeing my face on a regular basis, my clients get to become more familiar with me.
-Glenn Molson, Financial Advisor, Northern Securities

Conference Organizers love InvestmentPitch

Small-Cap Converences
InvestmentPitch offers a refreshing change from the many firms that are competing for advertising dollars from public companies at considerable expense. Investors are looking for a one-stop site to view video presentations and I believe InvestmentPitch has achieved a good foothold in this area. Thanks again for your great work and support.
-Doren Quinton, Presendent, Small-Cap Conferences

North of 60
InvestmentPitch helped our exhibiting companies broaden their reach, so we are most pleased to be inviting them back to our next conference.
-S. Mark Francies, Principal, North of 60/MidCanada Conference

Public Companies love InvestmentPitch

Avino Silver & Gold
Currently creates video news bulletins for our more important news releases.

We have been very pleased with both the quality and timeliness of the work has provided and feel their product is very unique.

What has impressed us the most is the quality of the inherently last-minute writing by Barry Morgan that has gone into the news summaries, as well as the on screen delivery by both (anchors).

It is truly amazing how they are able to receive a news release first thing in the morning and have a high quality finished product online just hours later.

We have also had resoundingly positive feedback from our followers, most of whom have appreciated InvestmentPitch's product for its ability to 'make sense' of complex topics as well as providing some background to the news that helps establish its relevance to the 'big picture'.
-Charles Daley, Corporate Communications, Avino Silver & Gold (TSXV:ASM)

I have operated a public company for over 6 years and finding value for your IR dollars is always an issue. This ( is the best tool I have found yet! I've been pitched by many other companies for video work at prices 10 times what they charge. I'm also considering have them attend my AGM and have the meeting hosted by them for my shareholders to see.
-Lance Kadatz, Vice President & CEO, RIFCO (TSXV:RFC)

...finding ears to listen is a challenge for every public company. recorded our presentation at a Small-Cap Converence and it has been posted for two weeks and viewed over 500 times. Many have commented to us how much they appreciate this medium. We have never been able to touch our audience so effectively at such a reasonable cost.
-Bill Graham, President & CEO, RIFCO (TSXV:RFC)

Kernt Exploration
This is the 5th time I've used for presenting our company's story. Within 48 hours of giving my presentation, our video is available for viewing on their site. Combined this service with exceptional pricing, gives me the opportunity to frequently update our story. did a video of my presentation at the Cambridge show in Saskatoon. I was really impressed by the way it came across. Impressed by the way they did it, and their professionalism. This is the way to go in the future.
-Graeme O'Neill, President, Kent Exploration (TSXV:KEX)

Kingsman Resources
The company ( provides an excellent value service in a professional and personal manner. One of our associates was making a presentation with an accompanying PowerPoint slide show. InvestmentPitch took a video of his presentation and mixed it with the PowerPoint slides. The final product was better than being there.
-Kingsman Resources (TSXV:KSM)

Andover Mining continues to impress me. I'm going to send this (video)link to my investor database
-Richard Marten, Investor Relations, Andover Mining (TSXV:AOX)

Golden Touch
Management liked the effort, the delivery and the overall tone of the 1st news video for Golden Touch
-Tom Corcoran, Executive Manage of Corporate Communication Golden Touch (TSXV:GOT)

American Vanadium
Great work on our video. Much appreciated.
-Michael Hyslop, American Vanadium (TSXV:AVC)

Thank you, the video is excellent!
-Andreas Tapakoudes, President & CEO QSolar (CNSX:QSL)

Pivotal Therepautics
Thank you very much for your video. It was very well done and professional and we have received very positive feedback.
-Rachele MacSweeney, President, Pivotal Therapeutics (CNSX:PVO)

Ascenta Capital
Great... Fantastic
-Hugh Oswald, Ascenta Capital

Cresval Capital
The service the company supplies is the first I know of that is disseminating news releases via video. They are partnered with Reuters so by using their services I have been assured of a board audience reach. We liked (the video) release so much on Gold Reach that we have put it on the front page of the website.
-Doug Kerr, Investor Relations, Cresval Capital, (TSXV:CRV)

Our Partners love InvestmentPitch

eResearch is pleased to be able to include as one of our Distribution Partners. We believe there is added investor value to be able to see a CEO "in action". The video medium is a perfect way to accomplish this. allows eResearch to extend substantially our provision of interesting and insightful video interviews to the investment community.
-Bob Weir, Director of Research, eResearch

Chatline Participants love InvestmentPitch

Seeing the eResearch report translated to video is a welcome sight for those who don't have time to filter through the whole 25 page report.
-Clemmie70, Posted on Stockhouse chatline for Chemaphor (TSXV:CFR)