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Crowdfunding Show with Tia Borden interviews InvestmentPitch Media

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Tia Borden, host of the new launched "The Crowdfunding Show", interviews Barry Morgan, co-founder of InvestmentPitch Media. Tia will be interviewing select companies that have active campaigns on some of the more than 50 equity crowdfunding campaigns in North America.

Additional Information:

Company: The Crowd Funding Show
Date Published: Feb 25, 2016
Transcript: Available

Video Transcript:

Tia: InvestmentPitch Media is a leading producer and distributor of video content, primarily for public companies, and today I’m speaking with Barry Morgan, who is the co-founder of Investmentpitch Media. Welcome Barry.

Barry: Hi Tia, Thanks for having me on your show today.

Tia: Barry, can you please tell us a bit about your company

I’d love to. Our main focus is to utilize the power of video to help our clients get more exposure.
Our main site, a destination site for investors, receives more than 1 million page views monthly.

Over the last 5 years we’ve been producing a number of different video products, such as news alerts, research alerts, private company news alerts, interviews, presentations, crowd funding, educational, financial advisor modules and content from 3rd parties.

Most of these videos are presented by our anchors as short news items. All our content is encoded into 16 different formats, making it available for viewing on every device currently in the marketplace

Tia: Barry what is the importance of having content formatted in a number of different formats?

Barry: Actually Tia, this is very important as more than 50% of all video content is watched on a wide variety of smart phones, with a number of different operating systems. This number is expected to exceed 75% within a few years.

Barry: However, it is in our extensive distribution that separates us from our competition.
We are a top video content provider to media giant Reuters, which allows us to deliver our content on a video-on-demand basis to their paid subscriber base of 550,000 terminals, a highly coveted audience for companies seeking to raise money.

Barry: We also have an investment channel on ROKU TV, which streams our content to ROKU’s 15 million devices. And of course, all our videos are pushed out across our many social media platforms, such a LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Tia: Is there anything additional that you do to drive traffic to the videos?

Barry: To finish off our distribution, and drive more traffic to each video, we issue a press release for each new video we host, and embed the video within the press release.

Barry: As tough as it is for public companies to raise funds, we know first hand that it is far more difficult for private companies, as we’ve raised more than $1 million dollars ourselves over the past several years.

Barry: Crowdfunding is making it easier for private companies, but with more than 50 equity crowdfunding portals in North America alone, hosting 1000’s of campaigns, investors are having trouble finding investment opportunities.

Barry: This problem is only going to get worse, as there are more crowdfunding portals opening regularly, with additional campaigns being added daily.
We believe we can help everyone. As we already get 1 million monthly pageviews on our site and untold numbers of investors on all our other destinations, InvestmentPitch is launching a special program for crowdfunding candidates.

We will interview interesting companies in the crowdfunding sector, giving them the opportunity to make their ‘pitch”, and push that video across our vast network.
The video will also direct viewers to the specific portal hosting the crowdfunding campaign and to the company’s own website for more information.

Barry: In order to expand our products and services, InvestmentPitch Media is currently looking to raise $500,000 from accredited investors through the issuance of 10 million units at $0.05.

Tia: And where can people go to find out more information about the company and fundraising opportunities?

Barry: For more information about our company, our fundraising, and how we plan to use these funds, please contact me for a copy of our business plan.

I can be reached at 604-684-5524 or email

Tia: Great, thank you so much for joining us today!

Barry: Thank you Tia for giving me the opportunity to tell your viewers about our company